• Brand :   Windows Phone
  • Client :   Microsoft
  • Campaign Name :   I Love You Guys
  • Campaign Start Date :   November 2, 2011
  • Campaign End Date :   November 23, 2011

Setting the stage for Windows Phone launch in India


Windows Phone was a late entrant into the Indian smartphone market, one that was already dominated by Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Microsoft needed to create buzz for the launch of the new Windows Phone OS for smartphones, clearly differentiating it from Android, Blackberry and iPhone. This was to be achieved by reinforcing the core message - ‘Put people first’ and by introducing the unique user experience of Microsoft’s proprietary Metro UI design .


Since Windows Phone helps celebrate relationships, we provided users with a platform where they could identify the people who matter the most and reconnect with them, through social media. The pay-off was a chance to relive their cherished moments in person, thus introducing (and reinforcing) the core messaging of the phone - ‘Put People First’

Creative Solution

We created the “I Love You Guys” - an interactive flash based video microsite integrated with Facebook.

Through the main character, Rahul, users were urged to connect to Facebook and identify the most important people in their lives. As a reward for identifying these special (important) people, Windows Phone gave the user interesting rewards ranging from Movie Premiers, Pub Parties, House Parties and Makeover. The grand reward was an all-expenses paid trip to Cancun.

The tile-based UI of the microsite replicated the Metro UI design of Windows Phone. This way the user was also introduced to the simple and dynamic nature of the phone itself


Within weeks the campaign website attracted 71,932 unique visitors and had 96,796 participants. This viral effect generated 1,185,503 impressions on the campaign Facebook page along with 7,459 mentions of Windows Phone and campaign events, and 286,271 photo views. More than 3000 new fans were added here and 89 percent positive comments about the brand and consumer experiences were posted via social media.

What’s more, close to a thousand people got an exclusive demo of the new Windows phone, while getting to say to each other - I Love You Guys!