• Digital Leadership Programme : Project “Digikranti”

  • Develop a plan to grow HSBC as a scalable challenger bank in India

  • #digitaltransformation

India: A Country Of Opportunities

Young, Digitally Inclined

  • And a high earning potential population

Favourable Financial Scenario

  • Regulatory & Govt. push for digital financial products/processes
  • Evolving landscape : payment banks & wallets

Strong Economy

  • 7.1% GDP growth
  • Rapidly developing infrastructure

Framing the challenge- Market size and our Ambition

  • Target Tier 1 and 2 Tier 2 cities
    (HSBC Branch cities)

  • Target Segment
    • Millennial including Top B School Grads
    • Ecommerce Active customers
    • Urban Educated customers
    • CEP focus
  • Achieve 10 % Market Share in the Mass urban upwards banking customer segment

  • Launch of a differentiated digital “ Every day Banking proposition” for the target segment with millennial focus

  • Create a new business line for RBWM while optimizing the existing mass affluent focused wealth business

  • Proposition to be built with straight through capabilities with minimal manual intervention

  • Best in class in terms of customer experience

Customer Research and Insights

"I'm working hard. Till my legs and hands are moving, I’ll work and invest. So, in the future my children and my wife should not have trouble, what I've gone through. So, I’ll invest more for them."
– Melwyn D’Souza (DJ, Bar Stock Exchange)

Millennials attitude towards Money varies depending on the family background they belong too.

Family has a very strong influence on the millennial mindset and there is a need to include family as part of an individual’s financial life.

“I use my debit card and Paytm for most of the times. I use a credit card only if I need extra cash.”
Navin Chalke, Graphic Designer, Contract India

Millennials are Transitioning into the Digital phase and are fast adapting. However human interface is preferred.

“I have a good salary, I have a well - settled family. Currently my money is in my saving account which gives 4.5% interest, I have not considered FD since it is just 3 % more. But yes, if I am getting the interest of probably 10% - 12%, I would probably be thinking of investing there.”
– Akshit Shah, Asst Manager, L&T

Investment opted for are basics, need hand holding for comfort factor.