The event saw 50+ participants who put forth their opinion on Nokia X — The topic for the first event in the R.R.R. series. The participants were divided into two teams to bring out the varied perceptions for and against Nokia X. The employs of Mumbai Office came together to voice their opinions like never before! Highlighted below is the summary for the session along with the R.R.R. program structure.
The R.R.R. Program intent & format
Is your perception the group perception?
Lets discuss.
RRR- Lets convene First Friday every month on the Battlefield!

Pani Puri with Peter/ Rooh Afza with Ratnakar/ Kebabs with Kiran (Indicative Moderators)
Table Topic: Are you uncertain about what Nokia X means for you & your customer?

Next Table Topic: Office on ipad-Boon or Bane?
Post Session Prep

Official communication on topic | email with session summary | Winining team gets photograhed
Session 1: Friday,4th April
Time: 4:30 to 6:30
Snacks- 5pm onwards

Agenda Participants split into 2 teams Rapid Fire quiz and fun games Moderated discussion on table Topic Speaker of the week- Subject Matter Expert

Meet & Connect
Pre Session Prep

Meeting invite (EDM) PA system- annoouncement & music Materials- Team Flags/Promo posters/chocolates/Snacks/ Main item/ Trophies
Session Highlights    
For Nokia X Against Nokia X
Nokia X was created under the CTO division in Nokia, which is not acquired by Microsoft. It does not impact Microsoft’s devices & services strategy going forward.   For the consumer, this device is released by Nokia, and the Nokia devices will eventually belong to Microsoft, including the Android based Nokia X.
What really matters to the end customer is the user experience. By providing UI similar to Windows Phone, it is a step forward in bringing more users onto our platform as this forked Android phone is made to look like a camouflaged Lumia.   The interface on the Nokia X has been reviewed to have a slow response with a lot of lag. By providing a poor experience on a “Lumia-like” device we are risking the customer’s perception of the Lumia series.
Nokia X is helping us increase our addressable market space in the growing emerging markets due to its attractive price point.   It may reduce the market share of Windows phone specially here in India where our challenger strategy with the WP8 has begun to show positive results.
Windows Phone may have the second highest market share in the country but the gap between us and Android is too vast right now. Hence we must embrace this open source technology and make the most out of it from a revenue perspective (Services) and help build Nokia’s market share.   Embracing competition and using their ecosystem at this stage where we term ourselves as the “challengers” is only creating doubt in the mind of the customer about our brand. The message to market can cause a lot of harm to the Lumia series.
Android on Nokia X is a secure platform as compared to the other available Android phone’s in the market today. It is a perfect blend between Android and Windows Phone.   Nokia X is priced in the same range as Lumia 520/525 which is the highest selling Lumia device in the country. Why are we creating competition for ourselves and making the consumer believe that we have lost faith in our Windows product?
Hardware revenue and Microsoft services revenue from the Nokia X devices will eventually come to Microsoft.   Microsoft Services on these devices will not lead to large revenue generation as the segment of consumers buying these phone’s will not use them extensively.
This discussion has brought forward several points. We believe it is important to provide an accurate perspective on Nokia X to everyone. We request you to help us pass on the correct message for Nokia X to everyone at large.
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